About Us

Aerial Australia

Aerial was born on the fly, on the road, through the hustle and grind of seeing people wear product, talk about product and asking our customers what could we do better? How could an improved product be delivered at value for money for everyone? Years of researching and getting immersed into Sunglasses, Hats, Footwear and Readers has seen our brand grow all on the back of the initial hard work of a few pioneers who dared to make something better and make it take flight.
Today we are a sophisticated brand with a team who spend time developing their craft specific to their category, producing product that is complaint to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1067:1:2016 in eyewear, tested and marked UPF50+ compliant to standard 4399 in headwear and independently tested across the board regardless of category. All this is to ensure that the customer gets a product worthy of their money and represent real value.

Our mission is to be the brand that conveniently delivers:

Everyone’s Eyewear

Everyone’s Headwear

Everyone’s Footwear


    Why choose Aerial Australia?


    We are are conveniently located in 11,000+ petrol and convenience stores across Austalia which means if you're on a day trip and you've forgotten your sunnies, hat or thongs, we've got your back. 
    100% Protection
    As an Australian company with over 20 years of experience in the Australian Eyewear industry, we understand the harsh Australian conditions. This is why all our lenses give you 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. All our sunnies meet or exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003.
    Great Range of Styles
    We offer a great range of styles for all different preferences, head sized and shapes. We use premium material for the best comfort and durability.
    Saving Coin
    We've made it our mission to develop sunglasses, headwear and footwear made from quality material and premium features, but that is affordable for the end user.