Everyone's Eyewear

Our brand heritage is Sunglasses. Our founder years ago saw a shortage of quality sunglasses that were designed for the end consumer rather than just selected off a shelf in a factory somewhere. Our brand has been built to make sure we include styles for everyone.
Each grouping or sub-category as we like to call them, has advantages that set them apart with the end user’s comfort and expectation in mind. From glare blocking Polarised Sunglasses through UV400 protective lens without the polarisation that filters light horizontally (maybe helpful when using a camera or other equipment with a filter applied to the screen) through to Safety Glasses, Drivers and Riders which are specifically designed to improve the driving experience and protecting whilst on a ride respectively, we have literally everyone’s eyewear.

Polarised sunglasses from Aerial Australia

Polarised Sunglasses

Sunglasses without Polarisation protect the eyes from UV rays, but not reflected light and intensive glare. Reflected rays from surfaces such as water are scattered in all directions. This leads to an intensive glare. Polarised lenses block the undesirable light from different angles and eliminates glare by letting through only the best visible light. Polarised lens are superior for fishing, boating, driving or any other glare intensive activity. They enhance colours, reduce eyestrain and sharpening the vision.

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UV400 Sunglasses from Aerial Australia

UV400 Sunglasses

This diverse range is built to provide protection from the harmful range of Ultra-Violet Light meaning 99 to 100 percent of the harmful radiation is kept away from the eyes. These sunglasses also limit colour distortion of light when looking through tint which sometimes causes discomfort for some users.

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Drivers sunglasses from Aerial Australia

Drivers Sunglasses

Our Drivers are designed with Amber coloured lenses with Blue-Block protection which enhance colour contrast and provide sharper, clearer vision. Our styles also feature a thinner frame and curved lenses for better visibility on the road.

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Riders sunglasses from Aerial Australia

Riders Sunglasses

Ride a bike and need to keep your eyes protected, did you know that their a specialist riding glasses just around the corner from almost anywhere you could be? Stop into your local convenience outlet and ask for Aerial Riders or look for the Orange Tag.

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Safety sunglasses from Aerial Australia

Safety Sunglasses

On the way to site and forgot to grab your safety glasses. It is ok there is a pair for you just around the corner from almost anywhere that you could be. Stop into your local convenience outlet and ask for Aerial safety or look for the Yellow Tag.

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