Aerial Australia Drivers Sunglasses Maroon Tag

Our Drivers sunglasses are designed with Amber coloured lenses and feature Blue-Block protection to enhance colour contrast and provide sharper, clearer vision. Our styles also feature a thinner frame and curved lenses for better visibility on the road.
Drivers polarised sunglasses from Aerial Australia

Why an Amber coloured lens with Blue Block protection?


Because they’re designed for driving.

The retina is like the film in an old camera, it captures images. Blue rays are shorter than other rays which land in front of the retina, not directly on it like other rays. This results in a scattering of blue rays which obstruct and dilute other colours and create a slight haze effect. When you block blue light with Aerial Drivers you eliminate this problem allowing all colours to focus clearly on the retina which eliminates the haziness and makes objects appear sharper and clearer. Because the eyes are no longer battling blue light, it relaxes the eye muscle resulting in reduced eye fatigue. The amber lens also transmits more red, yellow and green light, which makes it easier to identify spotlights.

Drivers sunglasses blue light blocking lens from Aerial Australia 

Driver sunglasses UV400 protection from Aerial Austraila

All sunglasses sold in Australia must comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067:1:2016. This mandatory standard sets limits on the allowed transmittances of fashion spectacles and sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses that meet or exceed the standard’s requirements for effective sunglasses ensures that the eyes have adequate protection against UVR damage. All our sunglasses are being tested at independent laboratories in Australia and meet or exceed the Australian Standards.